Recently Graham Mitchell caught up with Jamie Splatt to find out a little more about him.

JAMIE SPLATT (pictured courtesy of sbphotographic) joined Tanners in January 2023 and to date has made 40 appearances scoring 4 goals.  caught up  

Age: 22

Nationality: British

Can you provide a brief summary of your football career to date?
I came up through the Dulwich Hamlet youth system, famously known as Aspire. I then went onto sign for the first team, didn’t really play much there. Went on a couple of loans, to teams like Merstham, VCD, Whitehawk and a couple more teams. I went on these loans to gain some experience and learn my trade. Last season is when I started to play for Dulwich a bit more in some competitive matches. Around October I got injured and was out for 3 months, after that injury I received a call from a couple people from Leatherhead and the rest is history to be honest.

How are you enjoying life at the Grove?
I’m enjoying my football at Leatherhead. I would say this is the most I’ve enjoyed my football since I was probably about 16. Training is good and the players and staff just make everything more enjoyable.

Growing up, which players or sports people generally did you take
inspiration from?
Growing up I used to be a centre forward and being an undercover United fan I took inspiration from Wayne Rooney. I used to watch Wayne Rooney’s Street Striker so my inspiration kind of stemmed from that.

What other sports do you think you are good at?
I would say I grew up quite athletic, playing all kind of sports in school. Badminton and table tennis are two sports I would say I’m decent at.

You’re hosting a dinner party this weekend. Which three celebrities are invited, and why?
If I’m hosting a dinner party this weekend the three celebrities I’m inviting are Marcus Rashford, Stormzy and Santandave (a British rapper for the uninformed), because I’m sure they will bring some life to the party.

Do you have a nickname?
My nickname is Splatty and it has come from my surname Splatt, so everyone just calls me Splatty.

What is your Karoake song of choice?
Karoake song of choice would be Amy Winehouse – Valerie

In your dreams, which team would you play for?
Funny enough I’ve never really had a dream of playing for a specific team but I’ve had a dream of playing a Premier League game at Selhurst Park.

What’s your favourite app on your phone?
My favourite app on my phone right now is probably TikTok, it’s probably the most addictive app right now.

Finally, do you have a message for the Leatherhead supporters?
I just want to thank the Leatherhead fans for the support this season especially the fans who travel to our away games, it doesn’t go unnoticed by the players and coaching staff. Hopefully we can put some smiles on you guys faces come the end of the season.