tanners supporters club

An independent group of supporters working to positively promote and support Leatherhead Football Club.

    Want to join? Email: Clubtanners@outlook.com 


    The Tanners Supporters Club (‘TSC’) was formed in 2019 by a group of Leatherhead FC supporters who wanted to harness and focus the passion and love they all have for our football club, and use it to improve our club.

    The TSC is an ‘independent’ group of supporters who undertake activities that both promote our club positively, and also generate funds that we can then donate to the club for agreed projects. As such they are not a ‘formal’ part of the Leatherhead Football Club.

    The aims of the TSC are as follows: 

    To raise funds from supporters to aid the development of Leatherhead FC by:

    – Running a monthly lottery.

     – Organising social and other fundraising events.

    Undertake other activities that promote the support of Leatherhead FC

    To improve two-way communication between supporters and the club, by providing a representative supporters body.

    The TSC is run in a transparent and open way, guided by our written constitution which is HERE.


    An Annual General Meeting is held at which the members elect their committee who run the TSC on their behalf. One of the key responsibilities of the Committee is to decide how funds raised by the TSC will be spent, which is done through consultation with Club officials.

    The TSC committee currently consists of six members – Steve Brown (President); Richard Dakin (Chairman); Jim Gordon; Dick Wilkinson; Greg Rosser and David Pope.

    At the present time membership of the TSC is open to anyone who:

    • supports LFC
    • completes the application form to join the TSC lottery

    The monthly TSC lottery is a significant fundraiser for the club and costs as little as £10 per month. Each month a draw is held and 30% of all monthly contributions are returned to members as cash prizes. The remaining funds are used to help support club activities and development. In the past the supporters club have contributed over £12,000 towards the new floodlights, and have been the main sponsors of our under-23 and Women’s teams for the last two years.

    To join the TSC lottery or to contact us on any other matter please email us at: ClubTanners@outlook.com