The club is delighted to provide details of Season Ticket and Club Membership for next season,
including our usual ‘early bird’ offer for applications received before the 30 th June.

Please note that we are making a change this year to separate season tickets from club membership.
There will be two categories of club membership:
– Vice President membership
– Ordinary membership

Season tickets (adult, over-65s/concessions, junior) will be available as usual but if club membership
has been taken out as well, members will benefit from a discounted price. Vice president
membership automatically includes a season ticket as well as other benefits detailed on the
attached. Please see the ‘decision process’’ at the bottom.

We would like to explain why we have made this change.
In the future, we anticipate consulting with our club members on major decisions affecting the
future of the club, so it is important that club membership is the result of an active decision by
supporters, rather than it being “given away” as an add-on to buying a season ticket.
This is in line with the “one member, one vote” democratic principles of a Supporters Trust type
model, and ensures that the Club’s membership will consist of those supporters who have chosen to
take an active interest and involvement in the club’s future. As a reminder, as well as a discounted
season ticket price, club members are entitled to attend, contribute to and vote at the Club AGM
and any Special General Meetings that may be called.

Despite ever rising costs of running the club, we have kept increases to a minimum because we want
to encourage supporters to take out both membership and a season ticket. We have reduced the
cost of ordinary membership from £30 to £25, although car parking permits (limited spaces, first
come first served, season ticket holders only) have increased to £15 for the whole season.

In accordance with Club rules the Board of Directors has the power to reject/terminate any
application or current membership without providing a reason.

Here’s to a good season!!

The Board of Directors
Leatherhead Football Club

Decision sequence
1. Do I want to be a member of the club?
1a. If “Yes” what type of membership:
– Ordinary (eligible for a discounted season ticket)
– Vice President (includes a season ticket)

1b. If “No” – proceed to buy season ticket at full price

2. Do I want a season ticket? If so, choose type of season ticket required (not VPs)
3. Choose whether to purchase before 30 th June for ‘early bird’ offer
4. If you’ve bought a season ticket you can purchase a car parking permit whilst stocks last!

Membership and season tickets can be purchased by clicking on the below links