As part of our focus to become a key part of the local community, the club has been developing closer relationships with other community groups, and over the last year or so we have worked closely with Leatherhead Rotary on a number of occasions. Leatherhead Rotary is also a key sponsor of our Women’s team.

Many supporters will have contributed to the bucket collection the Rotary team have undertaken at a couple of matches last season to collect for the British Heart Foundation, and we have also made the clubhouse available for three days on a couple of occasions as a collection point for contributions to Leatherhead Rotary’s BHF bric-a-brac fundraising effort. These have been hugely successful and we are delighted to report that over £12,000 was raised from sale of items left at these collections in our clubhouse. When added to other activities run by Leatherhead Rotary a total of nearly £31,000 was raised and this was handed over to the British Heart Foundation at a meeting on Wednesday evening.

Chairman David Pope was at the meeting to represent the Tanners and to accept the thanks and gratitude of both Leatherhead Rotary and the BHF for the part we played in raising this fantastic figure (see pic). It is intended to run another bric-a-brac collection in the clubhouse on the 4th-6th September, so please support that if you can.

To further acknowledge our successful relationship, David has accepted on behalf of our club an invitation to become an Honorary Member of Rotary for the year.